Best Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube

An interesting and useful YouTube keyboard shortcuts for YouTube lovers and viewers.

Here, we are going to see around 15 YouTube keyboard shortcuts, which will be very useful when you are watching videos on YouTube.

YouTube Video link attached below.

Press “K” or “Space Bar” for Play / Pause your video.
Press “F” for Full Screen and “F” or “ESC” to exit Full Screen.
Press “I” for Mini Screen and to exit Mini Screen.
Press “J” for 10 second back and “L” for 10 seconds forward.
Press “Left Arrow” for 5 second back and “Right Arrow” for 5 second forward.
Press “Shift + P” for previous video and “Shift + N” for next video.
Press “Up Arrow” to increase the volume and “Down Arrow” to decrease the volume.
Press “T” for Theatre mode.
Press “M” for Mute On and Off.